Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that VirtuaSupport is the right virtual support service for me?

If you are looking for professional support from a team who own tasks and deliver outstanding quality of work all at competitive rates, then Virtuasupport can assist. Each job is tasked to a member of the team dependant their experience, i.e. Accounts will only to qualified accountants, general admin shared and managements task only by those with the relevant experience.

What are the benefits of using your services?

There are a whole host of reasons to work with a Virtual support service.

It's a flexible way to grow your team without the need to recruit and train new employees.

We offer efficiency and expertise that a skilled, dedicated professional can bring to your company. No one can be excellent at everything and that includes you! Our team have spent their entire careers supporting business owners and senior professionals, meaning they have developed a skill set which you would be hard pushed to compete with.  Leave us to take care of the administrative tasks that you perhaps don’t excel in doing.

It’s also makes a lot of financial sense! Remember, unlike an employee you pay regardless of the output they really generate, we’ll only ever bill you for time spent working on tasks.

You also don’t need to worry about National Insurance payments, pensions, holiday cover, sickness payments, training, performance reviews, desk space, laptops, payroll… and the long list of other tasks and costs generated by hiring new employees.

Let us take the strain.

How do you charge for work completed?

At Virtuasupport we offer the unique service of hourly charges for all tasks completed. Simple tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently meaning a low cost solution to clients. Longer or multiple tasks have agreed timescales and monitored to ensure compliance.

Is it safe?

We our committed to 100% confidentiality for all work assignments. All our team have signed a non disclosure agreements for any work carried out. We are fully GDPR compliant with the whole team covered by professional indemnity insurance ensuring you can put your trust in Virtuasupport.