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Virtual Support Services without the hassle of recruitment

Here at VirtuaSupport we offer virtual assistance on a wide range of online admin, management, HR, Design and accountancy services to support you when you need it most. We partner with our clients from start to finish, offering a cost effective solution, focusing on your needs and timescales from simple online admin tasks to HR consultants advising on employment challenges. 


We have a wealth of experience and can help your business grow, by reducing some of your workload allowing you to focus on your business strategy. Our costs are competitive and as we are based in the UK all of our team are fully compliant with UK law and legislation. 

We charge hourly rates so you get a cost efficient solution without the need to recruit and train your own employee. If you have peak trading periods where you workload gets too much we can support throughout allowing you to focus on what matters most. Do you need a sales or marketing document production support, we have the team to either complete for you or offer advice ensuring a fantastic output to the right timescale. Do you need management of business finance support to help you manage costs or find efficiencies, we have the team that can assist your business.  

Contact us now to ask any questions or learn more about how our virtual assistance support can assist your business.


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The Benefits of a Virtual Support Business

With the current economic climate causing huge unrest and uncertainty with the severity of the recession and how the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to impact many sectors and regions in the UK over the next two years. Output is slowly picking up, as the lockdown eases, there is still significant uncertainty about the medium-term outlook, with many businesses wondering how people’s habits will change. Businesses are in limbo with recruitment, not knowing what and who to recruit and employees are nervous if their role will still exist in the months to come.


A Virtual support business can assist companies with a number of benefits:

Cost Effective – Rather than hiring a full-time employee to undertake duties which may not always be necessary on a day-to-day basis, you could hire an individual from a virtual support business. Individuals are paid by the hour, you only pay them for the hours it takes them to complete the tasks. You can agree a set budget to get a task completed to produce a document or have a virtual HR consultant support a project.  Because virtual support assistants work remotely it negates any operational costs such as, internet, laptop or any other office space expenses. In addition to this, the training costs would also be lessened considerably compared to bringing on-board a full-time office-based employee.

Working with a VirtuaSupport removes the hassle of recruitment agencies, and their fees and affords a person or business to only hire provision when there are specific work requirements. This could be fewer hours of work, than what is perceived as appropriate for employing a direct member of staff. Large businesses often require the assistance of temporary staff to cover peaks and troughs of workloads, holidays, sick leave, or to manage one-off projects.  Virtual support services provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional ‘temps,’ providing flexible services alongside a wealth of experience and business insight.

Time Well Spent – It was found by Jennifer Maffei of VEA Services (an assistant placement and training firm) that the average entrepreneur spends at least two hours per day undertaking non-core duties such as going through emails, answering phone calls, scheduling/re-scheduling appointments and undertaking research. Looking at the bigger picture, that’s approximately 10 hours per week and 520 hours (almost 3 months) of a year that is spent on tasks which ultimately take the focus off making more money for your business. How many roles take on other responsibilities to fill their working week, by utilising virtual support services you maximise the cost versus the output without the need to generate other tasks.

Great Advice – It is important when running or growing a business that you have effective and efficient processes in place. Virtual support managers will have worked with several different clients on various projects using differing software. We can offer added value to your business through recommendations on ways to make processes run more smoothly, different technologies to use in order to strengthen communication, as well as new programmes which may help to speed up tasks such as accounting, payroll, social media posting etc. Admin Assistants will have built relationships with other clients that may be able to compliment your business and challenges if they have already completed a similar task.


Expert Knowledge – Some virtual support businesses have a wealth of experience offering virtual HR services, management support services, financial support services as well other professional services. This knowledge can offer great experience to businesses as and when they need it on a number of different topics.  For many companies, especially those who have international clients and customers, the standard 9-5 hours don’t suffice. If you do have customers and clients who may need your support outside of the normal working hours/days then a way of creating a solution would be to engage some virtual support assistance.  It can be very beneficial for a business to develop a working relationship with a particular virtual support company. You can train, develop and invest in their knowledge of your business, which in turn will enable you to become confident in the quality of support you receive.

More Time For You – Possibly the overriding benefit of engaging a virtual support service. Hiring virtual support takes tasks off you, meaning you can manage your time more effectively and be able to get through your critical tasks easier and quicker. It can mean running your business can take over everything and maintaining a work-life balance is often tricky. Working too hard, or in isolation and with poor time management can all contribute to the struggles with juggling all the needs of running a business.  This is where it is tremendously beneficial to work with a virtual support service. They can help remove some of those burdens. You can delegate those day to day tasks that are draining your time and that are taking you away from your clients or growing your business. This results in you having more time to relax, do the things you enjoy and spend time with your friends and family which is a win-win situation in our opinion!

Why it’s beneficial for your business to work with VirtuaSupport

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  1. Flexible to your business needs – You can define exactly how much work you need, with no minimum commitment and ability to increase or decrease based on your business needs.

  2. We are genuinely interested in the success of your business and want to support you and your businesses success/growth.

  3. We understand the importance of client confidentiality and will treat your business as our own.

  4. We will comply with GDPR at all times and ensure all work undertaken on your behalf is compliant and can help you ensure you are doing things correctly.

  5. You can build an ongoing working relationship that allows you to use the same highly-skilled, professional every time you outsource/delegate work.

  6. Every task will be completed to a high standard.

  7. There are no recruitment or agency fees, national insurance or employee costs.

  8. You can find virtual support services who specialise in different areas of business such as Website development, HR advice, documentation production, digital marketing as well as the experienced business support from Virtual Assistants.

  9. Gives you more time to focus on your business.

  10. Our teams backgrounds are very varied and therefore will bring a breadth of knowledge and skills to provide a full business support service.

  11. You’ll have time to spend on tasks and projects where you can add the most value.

  12. All the team are UK based so understand UK laws and legislation.

  13. You don’t need to invest in equipment or office/desk space.

  14. Engaging a Virtual Support Service will enable you to multi-task and be productive in and outside your office.